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If You Want To Master Your Digital Camera, Here Are The Amazing Secrets, Tips & Techniques You Need To Know...

Dear Digital Photographer,

If you'd like to take professional quality digital photographs simply and easily, the only thing standing in your way is lack of information.

To create really great digital photos, you need to understand the latest advances — from all the buttons, dials, and settings on your camera to memory cards, white balance, image editing and photo printing.

Along with this, you need to know how to put it all together with good composition and form... every time!   Sounds impossible?

Not anymore!

Now you can find out everything you need to know in one outstanding ebook called:

"Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps"
by Rufina James

Everything You Need To Know About
Digital Photography To Take Dazzling
Digital Photos Like A Pro!

17 jam-packed chapters with over 200 pages of
explanations, illustrations, techniques and ideas!

Let's face it, digital photography can be quite technical. If you're like most people, your eyes may tend to glaze over when you read or hear technical explanations... you may not have the background to understand what they're talking about... or find that the manual makes no sense (they rarely do)!

But... you still want to take great digital photos without wasting any time.

If so, "Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" is the ebook that "translates" technical terms into plain, everyday English... that breaks down complicated functions and concepts into easy-to-understand steps... that makes complex digital photography techniques simple and obvious. This is the ebook that makes digital photography a breeze!

"Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" is for you:

    • If you refuse to subject your friends and family to dull, mundane photos that bore them to tears...
    • If you demand exciting and intriguing images...
    • If you want to take family and vacation photos you're proud of ...
    • If you want to find out how to take great product, jewelry or auction shots...
    • If you want to reach the next level of digital photography... at any skill level — even if you've never used a digital camera before.

"Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" Will Help You
Avoid Digital Photo Mistakes Like These:


Overblown highlights!
Wrong exposure!
Wrong white balance setting.
Overexposed. Needs cropping.

And Tranform Them Into Photos That Look Like This...


See Ch. 15 to fix glare
Correct the exposure, Ch. 1
Color correction, Ch. 12
See Ch. 6, 9, 12

Here are just some of the things that you'll discover...

Four Easy Steps To Dazzling Photos

  • The inner workings of digital cameras revealed — how they work and why they are so different from conventional cameras
  • How to identify and understand all the indispensable parts of a digital camera (in plain English!)
  • The truth about taking great photos with a digital camera
  • 21 ways to use your digital camera... and have more fun than you've had since they invented photography
  • The truth about resolution... how important is it to the quality of your pictures?
  • The right resolution to buy, so you get what you need without overpaying
  • The differences between camera, monitor, scanner and printer resolutions, spelled out
  • How to know which image sensor is best for your needs
  • The "scoop" on lenses — which ones do you really need?
  • The secret you need to know about your digital camera's zoom that can make the difference between "perfect" and pathetic
  • What ISO film ratings mean for a digital camera
  • The advantages of "burst" or "continuous capture" mode — but wait, there's a catch
  • Metering simplified — how to use it to create outstanding images
  • Exactly when and how to use the right focus at the right time
  • How to decide when you need to use flash... and how to use it
  • How to get just the right exposure settings for any picture
  • Finally!   Exposure Value explained — this simple illustration makes it clear and easy to understand
  • When to use aperture-priority and when to use shutter-priority (sorry, only for advanced cameras)
  • Why batteries are so important and the best type for your camera
digital photography tip

"This book is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone considering a digital camera. I was completely confused about what I needed in a digital camera before I came across your book, Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps.

I couldn't tear myself away from it. I was blown away by all the valuable info you crammed into it...
I had NO idea!

After reading your chapter on how to buy a digital camera, I realized I was about to make a big purchasing mistake. Instead, I went out and got exactly what I needed for a lot less money!

Thanks for helping out the complete digital photography newbie!"

Thank you!

Robby LeBlanc

Here's more of what you'll learn...

Lighting — The Key To Brilliant Photos
  • How to use lighting to make your pictures come alive so everyone stands up and takes notice
  • Add power and impact to your images by using existing light to your advantage
  • The secret to taking stunning night shots
  • Simple but effective tricks you can use when flash won't work
  • Which lighting conditions simply won't work for a digital camera and how to stay away from them
Using Color, Texture and Pattern To Make Your Photos Come Alive
  • How you can use the 2nd most important element in taking pictures to create interest, movement, mood, emotions and special effects
  • How digital cameras handle color vs. how conventional cameras handle color... and why you need to know the difference
  • Discover one of the most important settings on your digital camera... it's nowhere to be found on conventional cameras!
  • What is "White Balance" and why it is so important for good pictures?
Tips for Taking Better Pictures
  • The absolute "bullet-proof" rule you can use in 3 different ways that will give you
    a stunning picture every time
  • 17 powerful little secrets that will have you consistently producing striking pictures in no time
  • 5 elements great pictures have and how to use these proven guidelines for great pictures every time.
  • 5 quick & easy, sure-fire secrets to composing eye-popping landscape and distance shots
  • The one indispensable tool that can insure your pictures are always in focus
  • A quick cure for boring pictures that stops confusion and clutter — and instantly brings a dynamic focal point to your image
  • Simple tricks you can use to give your pictures a "professional" look

"I got interested in digital photography because it produced instant results. But most of my photographs were awful. After going through your excellent manual, I learnt about several pitfalls and have started producing amazing snaps, every time I click. And I am still an amateur photographer.

Your ebook rocks, Rufina!"

Arun Agrawal

Tips for Photographing People
  • How to avoid those "stupid mistakes" that ruin your pictures... and take fascinating images instead.
  • 18 simple tips you MUST follow for spectacular results when photographing people
  • A simple, but very important rule that professionals use to ensure perfect pictures
  • The best way to shoot pictures of people when outdoors
  • A simple rule for arranging your subjects that instantly makes your pictures more interesting and more dynamic
  • 7 ways to fix bad pictures caused by the camera's exposure system
  • What you must know about using flash
  • A secret flash technique that will make a major difference in the quality of your pictures
  • Sure-fire secrets to taking totally captivating wedding, birthday and holiday photos

How To Take Travel And Vacation Photos That Fascinate And Inspire

  • Secrets to breathtaking vacation photos!
  • 17 things you need to know to turn out the best travel and vacation pictures you've ever seen

Scanning — Transforming Your Photos Into Digital Images
  • Secrets to scanning you won't find in the manual (believe me, you won't want to do without these)!
  • How to turn your conventional photos into digital images
  • Step-by-step scanning basics
  • The single "step" that virtually guarantees scanning success
  • What you MUST know about scanners to get the right one for you
  • Discover why the experts disagree on the one thing you are most likely to look for in a scanner... and why it's so important
Editing Magic — Turning Ordinary Photos Into Dazzling Images
  • How to transform your dull photos into first-rate images by using editing software correctly
  • The exact editing sequence you must use to get the best results... and avoid repeating your work or losing pixels
  • How to save underexposed or overexposed pictures in 1½ minutes
  • How to amaze your friends and relatives by giving your pictures a beauty "makeover"
  • How to resize images on your computer in 7 seconds or less
  • Four different techniques that improve the sharpness of your pictures in just 2 seconds
  • Discover where to find an amazing Internet resource that will take you step-by-step through the operation of your digital camera — and it's FREE!
This is a fantastic ebook! Thank you. A great service to digital camera users. It has enhanced my shooting experiences and the joy of photography for me! It's lifted me to a new level!

What a great gift for making the process seem simple — and for sharing it, the world owes you!

I will be recommending it to participants at a series of media seminars that I will conducting over the next 12 months.

John Smith

Flash Memory—The Key To Freedom And Convenience
  • The truth about memory — why you can't get by without it!
  • What you need to know about removable and permanent storage (this has nothing to do with remodeling your closet space!)
  • What does resolution have to do with memory?
  • The lowdown on TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and RAW... no, they're NOT cartoon characters!
  • How to see through misleading specifications made by manufacturers
How To Make Compression Work For You
  • Do you really have to lose pixels to save your picture?
  • How compression affects your pictures and what to watch out for
  • How to change the size of your image in a flash!
  • How you can compress your pictures to an amazingly small size for putting up on the web or emailing without sacrificing speed and quality... or crashing your computer
  • What are the little known factors that affect your picture results? How can you control them?
Choosing The Right Digital Camera For You
  • The honest truth about how many pixels you should get
  • The pros and cons you need to know so you can choose the best digital camera for your needs
  • How to choose the resolution you really need... without being swayed by fancy ads and fast-talking salesmen
  • How to see through misleading specifications made by manufacturers
  • What you need to know about guarantees, exchange policies and restocking fees
  • Are the extras really worth it?
  • Does it pay off to get the service plan?
Getting Your Pictures Out Of The Camera
  • Which easy-to-make connection mistakes you must avoid... or you'll regret it for a long time
  • 2 good reasons why some professionals advise against using the manufacturer's software — don't worry, there's a better solution
  • A simple trick that will make emailing your photos as easy as opening your mail
Printing — The Digital Darkroom: How To Get Your Images Out Of The Computer And Into Your Hands
  • Why you don't have to spend a fortune on a printer and still get great results
  • What do you need to buy in a printer to get the highest quality photos
  • How critical is the printer's speed?
  • The basic steps to quick and easy printing
  • An important fact you MUST keep in mind if you intend to print a photo on a
    T-shirt ... unless you don't care what it looks like
  • Little known tricks to get exceptional colors when you print
  • How to know the maximum size to print your pictures without losing quality
  • How to tell if that bargain printer is really a bargain
  • What you MUST know to avoid buying a lemon
  • How to get 30 - 50% off on a brand-new printer... for the rest of your life.
Sharing Your Memories Electronically
  • How to create your own electronic photo album
  • How to build fascinating photo albums using both digital and non-digital pictures
How To Take Profitable Online Auction Pictures And Amazing Close-Ups
  • How you can avoid the 7 most common (and fatal) online auction photo mistakes
  • How to double or triple your online auction earnings through effective digital photos. (But you MUST read this ebook BEFORE you purchase your digital camera)
  • How to take the kind of photos that bring in a flood of bids (for online auctions like eBay)
  • The "right" way to take great close-ups so you preserve focus and detail
  • How to make sure your auction picture is the right size (get it wrong and you lose buyers)
  • A simple technique that will make your auction-photo-taking job a lot easier
  • Little-known secrets to taking excellent pictures of small or shiny objects

digital photography basics "Taking product shots has been a constant challenge and frustration for myself and my clients. This is the first book I have found that gives solid how-to advice and tips on taking great digital camera product shots for ecommerce websites without having to hire an expensive photographer."

Ken Giddens
Build or Make Your Own Website

  • 3 tools that can dramatically improve a tough shooting situation
  • A handy device that can transform your auction photos from dull to spectacular!
A Quick Reference Guide To Useful Functions
  • How to determine the size of a picture on any monitor
  • How to get started as soon as you take the camera out of the box
  • How to download images from your camera to your computer
  • How to find the menu
  • How to save or copy files to your hard drive
  • How to clear images from memory or the memory card and eject your card from the card reader
  • How to unplug your camera and/or memory card from the computer
  • How to convert to TIFF or JPEG
  • How to scan, crop, size and resize images
  • How to email your photos
  • How to print
A Guide To Resources For Your Digital Camera
  • Hand-picked, cream-of-the-crop resources for everything you need
  • Where on the web you can get good, honest recommendations
  • The best places to buy cameras, accessories and supplies online
  • Free courses you can get online
  • The best photo magazines online
  • Where to get photo services online
  • Where to host your auction photos
  • The best software for your digital camera
  • Where to get software for building your photo albums
  • Web sites where you can get reliable reviews
This is just the tip of the iceberg! There's so much more, all of it can't possibly be listed here. No other ebook on digital photography comes close! If you own a digital camera or are considering getting one, you MUST get this information in your hands today!

You'll Learn More In 2 Hours
With This Ebook Than In 6 Months
Of Trying To Do It On Your Own!

Once you get started taking pictures digitally and find out how convenient, easy, and fun it is, you won't know how you ever lived without it!

"This ebook is so well written!

I'm blown away with the incredible work of this book! It has a flow to it that is a perfect blend of the technical with the conversational.

You've done a wonderful job with the shots, and parts of this read like a story, very much involving the reader. I loved the part about the wedding shots... and what a great shot that is, with the photographer in it!

As a teacher for Art Institute Online I think your section having to do with color theory and application is WONDERFUL.

This new ebook is definitely going to fill a gap for many online marketers! It's written in such candid, "earthly" language. I really don't see a lot out there that addresses this quickly changing technology."

Leanne Carson-Boyd

Only an Ebook Can Bring You
The Most Up-To-Date Information

You may be thinking, why an ebook instead of a hardcopy book?   The answer is quite simple. There are three reasons why:

One:   Because this is an ebook, you'll be getting the most current, up-to-date information.

Consider this — it normally takes two years for a conventional book (the kind that is sold in bookstores) to be printed and distributed. In the rapidly changing world of digital photography, two years is a lifetime!

The truth is, most books on digital photography are obsolete before they are printed!

Not so with "Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps." That's because an ebook can be published as soon as it is written and can be quickly updated when needed.

Not only will you be getting current information, but you can sign up for the free update service to stay abreast of the latest developments. You'll also be notified of new versions of the ebook.

"Your ebook is great and the e-book format is fantastic! I'll be following and recommending it. It's quite well done in my eyes and a great value at the price. Finally a book on digital photography that isn't obsolete by the time it's printed!"

Dan Green
Consultant to a national photo franchise

Two:   Another problem with conventional books on digital photography is the cost of printing pictures. Because full color illustrations are so expensive to print, many publishers print them in black and white. Needless to say, the fine points of lighting, color, and shading are impossible to see — and very different from the color pictures you'll be taking.

But you'll get full-color illustrations in this ebook, just like the ones you'll be taking with your camera. You'll be able to see every point in the illustrations without having to "use your imagination."

Three:   Plus, you can have it in your hands in minutes without having to leave the comforts of your own home, or even walk to your mailbox!

Have questions? Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions.

The strategies in Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps are universally applicable to all digital photography enthusiasts and all makes of digital cameras. You'll be able to implement them immediately.

You won't find such amazingly useful digital photography information like this in any manual. You won't find it in those skimpy freebie online courses. You won't find it in any other ebook. The only place you can get it is here.

And... If you buy today you'll also receive the following three FREE BONUS GIFTS:

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Build beautiful and intricate looking photo albums and web galleries. This software makes it easy to create perfect picture galleries, photo albums, image libraries, web galleries and slideshows. You can even send and share your photos with friends, family and co-workers via the Internet. Also comes with reprint rights so you can legally share this program with your family or friends or even sell it and make money ($9.99 value if purchased alone, $99 value with included reprint rights).

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An easy-to-use image viewer that won't change all your image file settings. Just select the folder and view the images. Slideshow feature included ($9.99 value if purchased alone, $99 value with included reprint rights).

"Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" is downloadable in PDF format (PC and Mac compatible). You can have FULL ACCESS to "Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" in just a few minutes!

digital photography lesson

"Thanks Rufina,

Now that I've read your ebook on using a digital camera, I'm happy to report that I can finally access the pictures I took over my honeymoon!

And now that I have a basic idea of how to use this crazy thing, I'm actually getting use out of my camera! "

Ryan Deiss

To recap, you get the 3 FREE BONUS GIFTS complete with REPRINT RIGHTS (combined value of reprint rights: $297.00), AND the "Master Your Digital Camera" ebook. That's a Total Combined Value of $326.97. You can only get it all now for a limited time, for...

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And it's being offered to you on a completely risk-free basis...

You Have My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you aren't completely satisfied with Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

I'm so confident that it will have a significant impact on your digital pictures and your understanding of digital photography, that I'm going to extend my guarantee well beyond the normal thirty days.

So go ahead and try out "Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" for a Full Three-Months.

If after using this comprehensive guide for a full 3 months, you honestly believe I haven't delivered what I promised, then let me know and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund...Guaranteed!

That means you can try out this comprehensive resource at my risk. If it doesn't work for you, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part.

It's such a small price to pay for such a tremendous savings in time and energy. You gain so much from such a minimal investment!

Imagine how good you'll feel when you look over your latest digital photos and you're thrilled with what you see! And you think back on how glad you are that you got Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps — because that's what made it happen!

Wouldn't that be priceless? Grab your copy today!

It's easy to get your own copy right now...
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You can have this valuable information in your hands in just a few minutes! Even if it's 2 a.m!

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All the best,
Rufina James, Digital Photography                                                   Safe and Secure Ordering Online
Rufina James

P.S. All the bonuses are yours to keep even if you decide to take advantage of our no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee.

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