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High Security:
Our orders are processed by ClickBank, a service of Keynetics Inc., which is a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

Keynetics Inc.
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Ordering online is actually safer than handing your credit card to a waiter, clerk, or gas station attendant. That's because your connection to ClickBank is via a secure server — a "private line" between you and ClickBank that is virtually impossible for a hacker to intercept.

Once you enter your payment and credit card information, your credit card is validated. You're then taken to a web page containing the "Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" download information.

ClickBank does not store your credit card number and no one at "Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" ever sees it. We simply receive a notification that you've placed an order. Once your payment information clears ClickBank, your number vanishes.

When you click the order page, you'll go to two secure order forms at ClickBank. The first one like this:

master your digital camera in four easy steps is easy to order

The second one looks like this:

digital camera mastery

ClickBank provides credit card clearing and payment services for tens of thousands of merchants across the Internet and has been in business since 1997.

ClickBank is a registered member of the Better Business Bureau OnLine program. You can check out their reliability by clicking on this logo: digital photography

Should you find that "Master Your Digital Camera In Four Easy Steps" is not what you need, getting a refund is no problem.

You can request a refund direcly from us by sending us an email. Or you can email ClickBank directly. The email receipt of your purchase contains instruction from ClickBank on how to get a refund.  Here's an example of a ClickBank Purchase Receipt:


You or a person in your household just made a purchase from ClickBank, the internet's largest seller of ebooks, software, and other downloadable products. Your bank statement will show a one-time charge by "CLKBANK".

The total charge was $XX.00 plus $0.00 tax.

If for some reason you did not receive access to the product immediately after payment, please try again by following this link now:

If you need technical support for your product please contact the author of the product directly. To do this send a friendly email message to the address below.

Contact: xxxxx xxxxxxxx Email: Receipt: XXXXXXXX

Remember, the product author is an expert on the product itself, and can give you personalized customer service. Please be patient and allow the author two business days to respond.

If after two business days the issue remains unresolved, ClickBank will be happy to assist you directly. To make a customer service inquiry with regard to this purchase please visit:


ClickBank Customer Service

If you cannot reach us, or do not wish to deal with us, ClickBank is authorized to issue refunds as part of the terms of their merchant agreement.

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