Free Digital Photography Course

free digital photography course

Consider this digital photography course if:

  • You are thinking about buying a digital camera... but not sure which one to get.

  • You're not sure how many megapixels you need

  • Or what's really important in a digital camera... or how much to spend...

  • Or what accessories you really need...

  • Or if you should get an extended warranty.

There's no need to stay in the dark. Get all your questions answered in the amazing, FREE digital photography course and digital camera buyer guide:

"What You MUST Know To Get The Right Digital Camera!"

It's everything you always wanted to know about digital cameras and digital photography but couldn't hold up the clerk long enough to ask. It's much more than just a list of tips for buying a digital camera. It's like taking a crash course on digital cameras.

17 of the most important questions people have about buying digital cameras are answered in an easy-to-read, conversational style. There are 12 lessons in all — crammed with important information you need to know BEFORE you purchase.

You'll learn about memory cards, megapixels, resolution, digital vs. optical zoom, and white balance... Whether or not you need a special photo printer and what type of battery is best.

You'll know what features you need and the differences between cameras. You'll have a good idea of pricing and quality. You'll be able to understand the advertisements and converse intelligently with the clerk.

You'll know just what you need... so you can buy the RIGHT digital camera. And so you don't end up overpaying — or not getting your money's worth. You'll be confident and well equipped to make the right digital camera choice.

Here's what each lesson of our digital photography course covers:

  • How Many Megapixels Should I Get?
  • How Easy Is A Digital Camera To Use?
  • What Types Of Digital Cameras Are There And How Much Do They Cost?
  • How Many Pictures Can I Put On A Memory Card?
  • What Size Memory Card Do I Need?
  • What Type Of Memory Card Is Best?
  • How Easy Is It To Get My Pictures Out Of My Camera And Into My Computer?
  • What Happens If I Print An 8x10 From Only 1 Megapixel?
  • What Is White Balance And How Does It Work?
  • Is There Any Difference Between Digital And Optical Zoom?
  • How Much Do I REALLY Need To Spend On A Digital Camera?
  • Is It Worth Getting An Extended Warranty?
  • Do I Need A Special Photo Printer?
  • Does The Type Of Battery I Use Make A Difference?
  • Which Digital Camera Should I Buy?
  • How Can I Make Sure I Take Good Pictures?
  • Digital Camera Terminology — What Do All Those Strange Words Mean?

Don't go without this highly informative digital photography course. It's absolutely free. And there's no obligation. Simply fill out the form below with your name, email address and home address. You'll receive your first lesson in your email box from "" within 30 minutes.

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