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Dear Digital Photographer,

Anyone serious about buying a digital camera will want to learn the features and benefits that make a camera a good buy.

Award-winning author and photographer, Rufina James, shares her secrets about choosing a digital camera and avoiding mistakes.

"What You MUST Know To Get The Right Digital Camera!" provides 12 valuable and insightful lessons that easily and simply explain the details you must understand to make a confident and intelligent purchase.

You'll learn:

  • How Many Megapixels You Need.
  • How Easy It Is To Use A Digital Camera.
  • How To Cut Through The Confusion Of All The Different Digital Cameras... and Their Prices.
  • How Many Pictures Can Fit On A Memory Card and What Size Memory Card You Need.
  • Which Memory Cards Are Best.
  • It's Easy To Get Your Pictures Out Of Your Camera And Into Your Computer.
  • Why You Don't Want To Make The Mistake Of Printing An 8x10 From Only 1 Megapixel.
  • How White Balance Works and Why It's So Important In Digital Photography.
  • The Difference Between Digital And Optical Zoom.
  • How To Get A Great Digital Camera Without Spending A Fortune.
  • The Value Of An Extended Warranty.
  • When You Should Invest In A Special Photo Printer... And When It's A Waste Of Money!
  • The Type Of Battery You Use Can Make A Big Difference.
  • How To Determine Which Digital Camera You Should Buy.
  • How To Make Sure You Take Good Pictures.
  • Digital Camera Terminology — So You'll Know What All Those Strange Words Mean.

Don't go without this unbiased digital camera buying guide. It's a treasure trove of digital photography information that would take you hours of research to find on your own. The best thing is, it's absolutely free and there's no obligation.

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